About Amy

Amy's yoga story so far...

I spent my 20’s travelling the world, watching beautiful yogis in India, reading the books, talking the talk, loving the idea of yoga, getting excited about my future enlightenment. However it took me till my early 30’s to actually place myself on a mat in a yoga class and have a go at walking the walk. Needless to say I did not float out of my first class with my chakras awakened and guru status was not thrown upon me but as I wobbled and hobbled out of that first class I knew that something wonderful and almost magical had just happened and I was at the beginning of a great journey.

My Yoga journey started with Ashtanga Yoga where I learnt that asana’s (yoga poses), discipline, willpower, Dristi (focal gaze), Pranayama (breathing) and Bandha’s (energy locks) are all a continuous work in progress. I learnt that ego and impatience lead to injuries. I learnt that however hard or frustrating a practice was I would not regret doing it.

My Teacher Training originated with Nathan Gray. Without Nathan’s sense of humour, patience, dedication and unfailing faith in me I would have never have been able to have made the step from student to teacher. I qualified in 2006 and had 4 happy teaching years alongside Nathan at www.samballayoga.com which were always rich in knowledge, humour and yoga playtime.

Whilst teaching my yoga journey continued in many directions. I had the good fortune to go on workshops with fantastic experienced yogis such as Danny Paradise & David William who taught me yoga beyond the mat. I did additional Teacher Training and Anatomy & Physiology with Kevala Yoga School which went to widen my knowledge. I did adjustment workshops with Mark Freeth www.freestyleyogaproject.com and Anatomy workshops with Chris Swain www.chrisjswain.com. I went on beautiful retreats in Formentra with Abby Hoffman www.yogawithabby.co.uk. I had a wonderful month in India, some of which was at Bramani, Yoga Goa www.brahmaniyoga.com. I have attended classes in and tasted many styles of yoga from Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, Power, and Hatha and I have loved them all. At the moment I am teaching and loving the form of Vinyasa Flow. I am drawn to the freedom and flexibility that Vinyasa Flow offers.

My yoga practice changes everyday, my yoga journey grows and changes with time and experience. I have learnt many lessons and I am still learning new ones everyday. My studies are ongoing, I am doing a course on Nutrition and Children’s Yoga with BSY British School of Yoga www.bsy.co.uk.

Alongside my yoga practice my beautiful family of two daughters and partner keep me grounded, balanced, humbled, loved and are constantly teaching me more yoga than my mat ever could.



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